Royal weddings

Royal weddings look like never going out of fashion. If you love the pageantry, the clothes, and all the minutiae of these momentous events in a country’s history, then this is the place for you.

The royal houses of Britain, Monaco and Sweden have seen the most recent royal weddings with the weddings of Prince William, Prince Albert and Crown Princess Victoria respectively, all of which are covered in detail. The marriages of reigning kings and queens, princes and princesses from Spain, Luxembourg, Denmark, Holland, Norway, and Belgium are also depicted here.

For many, the most exciting part of a royal wedding is the bride’s gown, so here you will find plenty of detail and photographs of these iconic dresses and the jewels worn with them. We also provide a glimpse into the priceless British royal tiara collection, with tiaras worn by royal brides throughout history.

We have compiled detailed information on the weddings and family lives of many of the world’s royal houses, and great care has been taken to ensure accuracy. Your input is valued if you have any further detail to add or any comments.