Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

formal_royal_couplePrince Andrew Albert Christian Edward, Duke of York, born February 19, 1960, is the second son and third child of Queen Elizabeth II of England and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was granted the title Duke of York by his mother, the Queen, just 90 seconds before his marriage ceremony.

Sarah Margaret Ferguson, born October 15, 1959, was granted the title Sarah, Duchess of York on her marriage to Prince Andrew. She retained this non-royal title after the couple’s divorce in 1996, and would be required to relinquish the title if she ever remarries. Sarah is popularly known by family, friends and the general public as "Fergie".

eugenie_and_beatriceFamily life

Andrew and Sarah have two daughters:

Princess Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York, born August 8, 1988,
and Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, born March 23, 1990.

The couple divorced in 1986, but remain close friends.



The engagement

Prince Andrew had known Sarah Ferguson since they were children, and they had met occasionally at polo matches. They became re-acquainted at Royal Ascot in 1985. Their engagement was announced on March 19, 1986 after a two-year courtship. Andrew gave Sarah a Burmese ruby engagement ring, choosing ruby to match her flame red hair.

The wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey, London on July 23, 1986. The bride was escorted down the blue-carpeted aisle by her father, Major Ronald Ferguson.


During the exchange of vows, Sarah mistakenly repeated Prince Andrew's middle name, Christian, and agreed to obey her husband, a clause which had been omitted by Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

The guest list

Some 1,800 guests attended the royal wedding, including U.S. First Lady Nancy Reagan, the then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Michael Caine, Elton John, and Estee Lauder.


The balcony scene

After travelling from Westminster Abbey in the open-topped 1902 State Landau to Buckingham Palace, the Duke and Duchess of York came out onto the palace balcony accompanied by their attendants and family members.

Over 100,000 onlookers watched their first public kiss as husband and wife. Grinning broadly, Sarah pretended she could not hear what the crowds were clamouring for, that first kiss.


cakeThe wedding receptionfamily_photo

A wedding breakfast was held at Buckingham Palace, where guests were served stuffed eggs, lamb with mint sauce and new potatoes, strawberries and clotted cream, washed down with Bollinger champagne.

Andrew and Sarah’s wedding cake was six foot tall and adorned with pastel flowers.

A wedding party for 300 guests was held later in the day at Claridges, London, before the royal couple left for their honeymoon in the Azores.

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