Caring for your ties


Look after your ties and they will look as crisp as the day you bought them

At the end of the day, remove the tie carefully, following the same steps used to tie it but in reverse. It is worth rolling the tie carefully around your hand to remove any creases or hang it in a steamy bathroom to help any creases fall out.

Ties should never be put in the washing machine or washed in water. If they are stained for any reason, they should be dry cleaned at a dry cleaners as soon as possible. Tell the dry cleaner what has been spilt on the tie.

Try not to store ties with the knot tied, as this will create permanent wrinkles and will shorten the life of the tie. It is recommended that they are hung on a tie rack so that they are kept straight and crease-free. When travelling on business or travelling to your destination wedding, for example, the use of a tie case is recommended.

Different fabrics have different care needs (always pay attention to the care label on the tie):


Solid, light and pleasant to the touch, silk maintains its color. It does not tolerate hot water, and cannot be stretched. In the event of stubborn stains it needs to be dry cleaned and ironed. Care must be taken as silk has low resistance to rubbing and sweat.


Wool and cashmere offer good thermal insulation and high absorbency. It shrinks when hot water is used and becomes misshapen when hung. Care must be taken as it tends to go “bobbly” and turn yellow.


Cool, light and solid. Cotton shrinks when washed in water that is too hot, irons well, and has to be washed separately if it is dyed. Care must be taken as the color does not fix well and it becomes creased.

Polyester, nylon, lycra (synthetic fibers)

Very solid, synthetic fibers do not crease, and the colors fix well. Very sensitive to heat, these fabrics are washed in warm water and ironed on a low setting, always using steam. Care must be taken as they are highly flammable and become charged with static electricity.

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