Choosing your tie color


The color tie that you choose depends on the occasion, the season, or your personality.

Here are some tips on how to choose a tie color and pattern:

Black ties are sometimes worn in the evening with a tuxedo, as an untraditional alternative to the classic black bow tie, or at all times by waiters in restaurants. They are considered acceptable with a conservative black business suit.

Blue is also among the most popular colors for ties. Blue lightens a darker suit and is popular at receptions, networking events and similar circumstances. This is a good choice for spring.

Brown is considered to be quite casual, and is very hard to match with any other color. The best use for a brown tie is a weekend or an informal gathering.

Burgundy (dark red) is a classic color for business, and is good for almost any occasion. A solid burgundy tie with no pattern is usually worn by politicians.

Grey and silver ties look neat with a classic white dress shirt. Occasions for such a neck tie include weddings, birthday parties, and cocktail parties. Grey ties are also suitable for use at work.

Multicolored ties are worn by men who want to stand out from the crowd, and they are usually chosen by young professionals. These ties highlight the man’s individuality, mood and taste.

Navy (dark blue) is a business classic. It combines perfectly with all other colors, and is ideal for various business occasions.

Orange, pink and lilac are usually worn with white, light blue or other light-colored dress shirts. They are a good choice for spring and summer or for a commemorative event. If they are not in very bright shades they are also suitable for formal events.

Paisley pattern originated in the Middle East, and denotes variety and difference.

Polka dot ties have small dots of one color on a solid background. A white on navy tie is a sign of a professional, and a pastel polka dot denotes cheerfulness.

Red accentuates the whole outfit, and combines well with almost any suit and shirt. It is a particularly good match with a darker suit and white, blue or gray dress shirts. This is one of the most popular tie colors.

Striped ties are versatile and can be worn with any suit, being the ideal choice for a person who does not need a tie often.

White ties are worn in court by judges, lawyers and defenders in the UK legal system. In Japan, white is strictly for attending weddings or school graduations, and in Sweden, a white tie is worn at funerals by male members of the immediate family.

Yellow and green are good in spring and summer and/or with a darker suit-shirt combination. A green tie is the perfect match for a classic white shirt.

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