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Researchers have found that 85 different knots can be tied in a conventional men’s tie.

In the menu on the right is a selection of the most popular knots and ties, with video instructions on how to tie them.

Many men consider they are not fully dressed without a tie

A tie continues to be one of the signs of an elegant man. What would an elegant suit be without an attractive tie? It is worth keeping a selection of ties in your wardrobe for any occasion.

The tie sets off a shirt, highlighting the length of the body, adding style, elegance, color and texture to the shirt.

These days, most ties are of a standard size, although there are many different types of ties available such as bow ties, Ascot ties, leather bolo ties, shoestring ties, etc. The normal measurements of a modern tie vary between approximately 130 a 150 cm, and are about 7.5 (3 inches) wide.

One of the characteristics of most modern ties is that the ends are different. The part that is worn to the front is wide, and the part that is hidden behind the tie is narrow.

How to choose the right tie

Above all it is important to look at the quality. Cheap ties are usually unattractive, and the cut and fabrics leave a lot to be desired.

There are many details that distinguish a good tie, but unfortunately, the most important cannot be seen at first glance, and not everybody can tell just by touching or looking at the tie.

Many ties, in particular Italian ties, are lined with the same fabric as the tie itself. This gives a very special touch to the tie, as the color of the lining will therefore never detract from the tone of the tie.

A good tie is made up of 3 pieces . Normally, the seams in ties are made by machine, but the lower seam, which holds together both sides of the tie, should be made by hand. Many manufacturers hide these seams, including them in the central seam of the tie, making it look more attractive. The time taken to make this seam goes towards explaining the cost of some ties. The strip which brings together or supports the widest part of the tie should be stitched on the back.

A quality tie will never be creased.

A quality tie should be made of high quality fabric which hangs well after the knot has been made. The easiest way to find out when a tie is of high quality and impeccably made is to hold it in the middle and check whether both parts (the wide and narrow parts) hang straight.

When a tie has not been made properly, it will twist when it falls on a table or into the hand. Thin and flimsy fabrics should NEVER be used to make a good tie as this would cause the knot to be too thin and lacking in volume. With silk ties, it is therefore important to “plump up” the tie a little with the fingers after tying.

Other designers like to add a serial number to the lining of the tie, others their name, and in some cases fine tailors even stitch the name of the customer inside the tie.

Even the best ties have a small label that reads 100% pure silk or cashmere, but this is not strictly true, as the interlining that is placed inside cannot be made of silk. Synthetic materials are normally used, but good quality ties have an interlining made of Australian wool. This gives body to the tie, and guarantees that the quality of the knot is maintained.

The world's finest ties

There is an endless number of makes of tie on the market, but there have always been two leading brands that are preferred by the world’s best dressed men.

The first is the Hermés tie, which perhaps does not offer the most exciting designs for some people’s tastes, but a man who knows something about ties will recognize a Hermés tie as a sign of good taste.

These ties are unusual for several reasons, including the fact that their width has never changed. They have always had the same width, irrespective of fashion trends.

Hermés ties come in a wide range of designs, but the company has made the way the design is repeated throughout the tie unique. Most of its designs are based on drawings in four or five colors, and around 20 designs a year are made. Designs are never repeated, with the exception of the classic chain and anchor designs which have been reprinted consistently since they were created.

Many modern men choose Brioni ties, with a style that is somewhat more informal than Hermés. Brioni follows fashion trends, varying the width of its ties, and using brighter colors. They are, after all, Italian designs. Brioni ties are handmade and exclusive, meaning that once all orders have been completed, the uncut fabric is destroyed, meaning that each item is unique.

Brioni ties are expensive, starting at around 175 dollars. One of their characteristics is that they are lined with the same fabric as the tie, and have a movable loop that can be attached to the shirt button, meaning that the wearer is always impeccably dressed.

Other famous tie brands are Richel (made in Spain), Lancel (made in Italy), and Robert Talbott (made in USA).


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