Unusual wedding and birth favors


Highly personal souvenirs of special occasions like a wedding or the birth of a baby are very popular worldwide, but you can rely on Japan to give its own particular twist to this concept.

A story-book romance

Manga-mad couples can now immortalize their own love story with an original and unique comic book called “Wedding Story Manga”, thanks to Sakura Comics (the website is only in Japanese unfortunately...).

The plot tells the story of your first meeting, proposal, etc. with characters based on pictures that you provide with a style of your choice.

Your finished comic is an ideal wedding favor, and you can guarantee guests will not have seen anything like it! The fee varies depending on the length and color options, ranging from around $300 for a two page black and white leaflet to around $2,000 for a 16-page full color mini book.


Good things come in small packages…

In Japan it is customary for new parents to give small gifts in return to family and friends who have sent a present to the baby, and Japanese rice shop Yoshimiya in Fukuoka have come up with the ideal gift for parents: a special commemorative bag of rice printed with your baby’s name and picture.

The rice inside weighs exactly the same as the baby’s birth weight so that the gift-giver can simulate the experience of cuddling the new baby, before breaking open the bag and eating the rice. We aren't sure whether we would want to eat the rice though...


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