Wedding attire around the world

Each country in the world has its own traditions and style when it comes to marriage, with wedding attire that differs according to factors like the religion, culture and climate.

There is a huge and fascinating array of wedding attire to choose from depending on your heritage. For brides: a white wedding dress, a red Chinese cheong sam, an Indian sari, a Japanese kimono... For grooms, a tuxedo, a lounge suit, kimono, sherwani, kurta...

And not forgetting the accessories that are chosen to match each particular outfit: veils, headdresses, turbans, sashes, shawls, jewelry...

In our exclusive articles we take a look at some very different wedding attire from different corners of the globe.

A few examples of different wedding attire around the world

In China, the color red is considered good luck and it can ward off evil spirits. Brides in northern China traditionally wear a dress called a Qi Pao, embroidered with elaborate gold and silver designs, whilst in southern China they wear a cheongsam, elaborately adorned with golden phoenixes and dragons.

In Japan, both bride and groom wear a wedding kimono for the Shinto ceremony, with the bride often choosing red and the groom black.

The traditional Vietnamese dress, called an Ao Dai, dated back to 1744 of the Nguyen Dynasty. Red is the favored color.


In India, wedding dresses are often red, symbolizing auspiciousness, and white is a color of mourning. If the groom is to wear a turban, an Indian bride will wear a sari.


Moroccan brides and grooms change their outfits several times during the celebrations, here are two very different outfits from the same wedding.


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