Choosing a modest bridal gown

modest-gownBrides who follow a particular religion need to pay particular attention to the wedding dress they choose. Perhaps you are Latter Day Saint, or your church’s dress code insists that you cover your shoulders and do not reveal too much of your bust.

All brides find choosing their bridal gown one of the most exciting things they have to do when planning their wedding, but it does not need to be more difficult to find a beautiful and fashionable modest dress. Bridal designers have thought of your needs, and many offer an entire range of gorgeous modest gowns. Check out our galleries of bridal gowns with an extensive selection of stunning bridalwear that is suitable for your religious wedding.

Follow these tips to help choose the right modest dress for you, and within your budget:

•The sleeve of your gown should cover at least one inch below your shoulders.

•If you have not yet been endowed, you are advised to check that your dress will cover your garments.

•Your dress should have a higher neckline in order to cover the skin just above your bust.

•Stick to your budget and think about what you want before you go shopping to prevent expensive mistakes.

•If you want a train, remember that you will need to deal with it all day, or consider a removable train.

•Remember that although you may feel that your religion’s dress code is somewhat constraining and old-fashioned, this is a sacred experience that shows respect for yourself, honors God and your place of worship, and respects that feelings of your family and/or your future in-laws.

If in doubt, speak to your religious advisor and ensure you give yourself enough time to choose the right dress for you and order it in good time.

After you have found the perfect dress, enjoy your day as a beautiful and modest bride!

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