Wedding paper doll books

A selection of wedding paper doll books by Dover Original, manufactured and printed in the United States.

An unusual extra gift for a flower girl or as wedding favors for girls to keep them entertained during the reception!

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Bride and Groom Sticker Paper Dolls

Mix and match ensembles of lace and embroidery for Megan, the lovely bride, and a tuxedo, white jacket, and striped pants for Jonathan, the groom.


Bride Sticker Paper Doll

Little brides-to-be will fall for this low-priced paper doll sticker book. Includes one pretty little lady and four lovely bridal costumes plus a wealth of accessories.


Brides from Around the World Paper Dolls

Here come the brides... from Sweden, Zimbabwe, Japan, Bali, Mexico, and other lands the world over! Four beautiful dolls from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America model 28 stunning bridal outfits. Their gowns represent faithful reproductions of regional attire as well as modern interpretations of traditional styles, including Celtic robes of medieval Britain, a scarlet Indian sari, a Chinese silk tunic, a white satin dress from Ghana, a Balinese sarong, a Jewish bridal gown from Sheba, Japanese kimonos, a Hungarian lace dress, and another 20 gorgeous costumes. Notes on each bridal ensemble offer fascinating insights into cultural traditions.


Diana, Princess of Wales, Paper Doll: The Charity Auction Dresses

Shortly before her untimely death, Princess Diana donated proceeds from the sales of many of her stunning evening dresses to charity. This spectacular paper doll collection features 31 of the silk, velvet, and satin auctioned garments. A treasure for paper doll collectors and fans of the legendary Princess. Includes notes.


Fairy Tale Weddings Paper Dolls

The most beloved fairy tales are those in which a wedding takes place... and the couple lives happily ever after. This enchanting paper doll collection features some of the most engaging brides and grooms from time-honored tales — Cinderella, Thumbelina, Rapunzel, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rumpelstiltskin, Beauty and the Beast, and others. Created by Tom Tierney, the King of Paper Dolls, the brides are bedecked in exquisite gowns, elegant veils, and elaborate styles; grooms are handsomely attired in tunics, cloaks, and satin breeches. This charming showcase of twenty-one dolls and thirty-one costumes is a true delight for devoted collectors!


Famous Movie Wedding Gowns Paper Dolls

Tom Tierney has done it again with this exquisitely rendered collection of favorite wedding dresses straight from the scenes of cinematic history! The lovely faces of fifteen unforgettable brides are accompanied by the fabulous gowns they wore for their famous motion picture nuptials. Paper doll fans and movie buffs can dress two figures in bridal costumes worn by Claudette Colbert (It Happened One Night), Elsa Lanchester (The Bride of Frankenstein), Julia Roberts (Runaway Bride), Meg Ryan (Prelude to a Kiss), and eleven more brides, all from movie masterpieces ranging from the 1930s to the present.


Glitter Bride Sticker Paper Doll

Here comes the bride — and a lovely wardrobe lets you mix and match outfits for her special day! In addition to lacy fingertip veils, fashionably styled hairpieces, and colorful bouquets, the bride-to-be can also pick from two different skirts — one a floor-length, bell-shaped garment, the other, a lace-trimmed sheath. Tight-fitting bodices and elbow length white gloves complete the enchanting collection.


Glitter Flower Girl Sticker Paper Doll

Even the littlest girls can participate in the wedding! Recapture the excitement of being among the bridal party with this adorable paper doll. A dainty ingenue comes with a dozen reusable stickers of fancy wedding attire. Each pretty garment and accessory is highlighted with a sparkling dash of glitter.


Little Flower Girls Sticker Paper Dolls

Dress Brianna and Kayla in frilly skirts and blouses as well as charming little hats and headbands. Their floral bouquets add a dainty touch.


Sarah the Best Bridesmaid: A Paper Doll Storybook

This charming book combines the fun of playing with paper dolls and the love of a good story. Full-color illustrations plus beautiful, historically accurate outfits depict fashions of the antebellum South and complement the story of spirited Sarah and her family in the midst of preparations for the wedding of Sarah's sister.


William and Kate Paper Dolls: To Commemorate the Marriage of Prince William of Wales and Miss Catherine Middleton, 29th April 2011

Royal watchers around the world rejoiced when Britain's dashing Prince William and his longtime girlfriend, Kate Middleton, announced their engagement. This commemorative edition features paper dolls of the prince and his fiancée, plus a splendid wardrobe of seven costumes each, including William's RAF uniform and the gorgeous sapphire-blue wrap dress that Kate wore at their press conference. Plus, the book includes complete information on how to download the couple's bridal attire from our website.

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