10 tips for a GREEN wedding from Adele Wechsler


Green weddings are the hottest trend in the bridal market, but designer Adele Wechsler, a pioneer in eco couture bridal wear, sees this more as a movement that is here to stay.

Here are some of Adele’s suggestions to make your wedding greener:

1. Wearing a GREEN gown doesn’t mean sacrificing style: wearing a dress by Adele Wechsler made with sustainable fabrics, vegetable dyes, and fair trade labor makes going green look glam! 

2. When it comes to wedding rings, there are plenty of beautiful conflict-free alternatives: consider carved wood rings or a ring made from recycled materials, uncultured pearls or a simple rough cut diamond ring from Ruff and Cut! (

3. Impress your guests by inviting them to your GREEN wedding with invitations made from recycled paper and organic ink or printed on seed-filled envelopes which can later be planted in their garden. 

4. Natural is always better. Decorate with organic, fair trade flowers. 

5. Do your part for the environment and the community by buying local produce and using organic caterers. 

6. Help reduce your carbon footprint by encouraging your local guests to carpool. Encourage out-of-town guests to donate to the Carbon Fund ( An organization that supports renewable energy and reforestation projects to offset your carbon emissions from long flights and car rides. 

7. Consider an outdoor setting or an eco-friendly hotel that uses energy efficient lighting and organic materials without forgoing luxury. 

8. Highlight your natural beauty with organic and natural makeup and hair products.

9. Gift environmentally friendly favors such as beeswax candles or natural soaps in reusable tote bags as wedding favors or what about a donation to a worthy cause! 

10. Donate a portion of your gifted wealth to a charity of your choice such as the World Wildlife Fund ( or a water charity (


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  1. kat:
    Apr 23, 2012 at 01:03 AM

    great tips, i am getting married in 2013 and will try to be as green as posisble, can you give us some more green ideas please?

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