Wedding anniversaries

Married couples mark their wedding anniversary every year by celebrating together and exchanging gifts.

The custom is to give a gift made of different materials, precious metals or precious stones, depending on how long they have been married.

This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, when objects given to the married couple on the anniversary of their wedding day were made from different materials, starting with the fragility of paper after the first year of marriage and ending with diamonds after 60 years, thereby gradually becoming more solid and precious over the years, symbolizing the strength of the marriage.

Gifts may also be given by family members and friends, especially if the couple is organizing a party for a special anniversary such as Silver, Ruby or Gold.

There are different lists of materials in line with modern times: traditional gifts, and modern gifts. As with all gifts, however, it is the thought that goes into interpreting the materials that truly counts, and the love that goes into giving the gift.



Use the list below to help choose the perfect anniversary gift.




1 Paper Clocks
2 Cotton China
3 Leather Crystal/Glass
4 Linen Electrical Appliances
5 Wood Silverware
6 Iron Candy/Iron
7 Wool/Copper Desk Sets/Pen & Pencil Sets
8 Bronze Bronze/Pottery
9 Pottery Linen/Lace
10 Tin/Aluminum Leather
11 Steel Jewelry
12 Silk Pearls
13 Lace Textiles/Furs
14 Ivory Gold/Jewelry
15 Crystal Watches
20 China Platinum
25 Silver Silver
30 Pearl Diamond
35 Coral Jade
40 Ruby Ruby
45 Sapphire Sapphire
50 Gold Gold
55 Emerald Emerald
60 Diamond Diamond
75   Diamond, Gold

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