Wedding accessories


Although your wedding dress is the focal point of your wedding attire, your accessories can make or break your look. Aim to maximise the beauty of your bridal gown by choosing a hair accessory or tiara, veil and shoes that complement the gown and flatter you.

Hair accessories

There is a vast choice of wedding hair accessories to choose from. Take inspiration from the features of your dress and any jewelry that you plan to wear... Read more


Many modern brides choose to wear a tiara on their wedding day to feel like a “queen for a day”... Read more


Bridal veils were traditionally used to cover the bride’s face as she walked down the aisle to hide her face from the groom until she reached the altar... Read more

Bridal shoes

It is important that you take great care when buying your wedding shoes, as they need to be comfortable as well as stylish... Read more


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