Choosing your bridal underwear

Once you have chosen and ordered your wedding dress, you will need to purchase or order your bridal lingerie.

When you are shopping for wedding dresses, it is often useful to work backwards and think about what kind of underwear you would need to wear with each gown to make it look a million dollars. For example, would you ideally need to wear a basque with the gown to create the right silhouette? Would you need to go without a bra? Would you want to add volume to your bust by wearing a padded bra? Can you wear a garter belt or would it spoil the line of that gorgeous satin sheath dress? Your bridal consultant will be able to answer all these questions and more.

Although the traditional image of bridal lingerie is romantic and lacy, you may find that your wedding dress or body shape require you to wear somewhat more practical undergarments than you had envisaged. Modern lingerie manufacturers are aware of this, and their bridal collections include beautiful undergarments that are suitable for each style of dress. And if the bra and panties that you wear under your gown do not match up with your romantic image of bridal lingerie, you can make up for it with your trousseau for your wedding night and honeymoon…

Advice from the experts

You are advised to consult your bridal consultant and/or an expert in underwear fitting before choosing your bridal lingerie, as a poorly-fitted bra or basque can spoil the line of your wedding gown.

For all-day comfort on your big day, make sure your lingerie is comfortable as well as beautiful. Avoid lingerie with rough edges and stiff lace, as it may irritate your skin during the day. Choose silks, soft lace, satin…

Make sure you buy the very best underwear you can afford following the recommendations of your dressmaker or bridal store.

Your lingerie should not be visible underneath your dress and it should enhance your silhouette.

Do not leave it to the last minute to purchase your bridal underwear, as you need to wear it at your first dress fitting to ensure a perfect fit. Three or four months before the wedding is the best time to purchase or order your bridal lingerie, as if you buy it too soon you may have lost weight and changed size by the time of your gown fitting.

Full-busted brides may prefer to avoid strapless gowns to ensure greater comfort on their wedding day. However if you have your heart set on a strapless gown, make sure it has detachable straps that you can add to the dress during the day if you need added support.


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