Fashion advice

Some fashion tips to help you look great whatever the occasion!

Always choose the right size.

Most stores have changing rooms where you can try on garments and make sure they are right for you. Always try on a garment before purchasing, and avoid impulse buys on sight only.

A personal shopper, a good investment?

Invest in a session with a personal shopper. You will save money in the long run by only buying garments that suit you and that you will wear.

Pamper yourself.

Massages, manicures, pedicures and facials will make you look and feel fantastic. Treat yourself whenever you can.

hairFind the right hairstyle for you.

One of the biggest fashion mistakes that people make is to wait too long between haircuts. Find a style that suits you and that is easy to maintain at home. Have your hair trimmed between visits to keep the look sleek. Well-groomed hair is half the battle when it comes to looking great.

Be prepared.

Carry an emergency “style” kit in your purse, with nail file, perfume, brush or comb, lipstick, earrings, and scarf, ready for any occasion. You can even buy folding shoes to carry in your purse, ideal for going home in comfort after a night of dancing.


Scarves, hats, brooches, and jewelry are great ways to personalize your style. Look for unusual pieces that will transform a simple outfit and turn it into something exciting.

Don’t wait to lose weight in order to start living.

Celebrate yourself, your life and your beauty right now, don’t wait to lose weight. If you are comfortable in the skin you are in, you will feel beautiful, and it will show.

If an outfit makes you feel unattractive, get rid of it. Don’t hold onto it for “when you lose weight”. If or when you do lose weight, buy yourself something new and fabulous!

Don’t try to squeeze into clothes that are too tight or too small. Buy clothes that are comfortable and attractive. If the size marked on the label bothers you, cut it off! Plus size fashion has changed beyond all recognition since the bad old days, and online shopping is also a great way to find the right look for plus size women.

Look for clothes that flatter your body, rather than hiding your curves under loose and shapeless clothing. Every woman has a part of her body that she is proud of; perhaps you have great legs, an impressive cleavage, or slim wrists and hands. Learn how to accentuate the positive!

Buy colors that suit you.

Consider making an appointment with a color consultant to get advice on which colors are best for you. Basic black might make you seem slimmer, but it might not be the best color for your skin tone, meaning that you need to wear more makeup to get the right look.

Use brighter colors and patterns to emphasize the parts of the body that you are proud of, and darker colors for areas you do not love as much.

Experiment with the right fabrics for you.

Look for fabrics that drape well and flatter your figure. Avoid stiff and rigid fabrics that do not allow you to walk and sit easily.

If you feel comfortable, you will look happy and relaxed, which is half the battle when it comes to beauty! 

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