Bridesmaids' dress colors

Tips on how to choose the color of your bridesmaids' dresses

Here is a very general guide to which dress colors suit different hair colors. Remember that different eye color, skin color and shades of hair color affect which colors most suit a woman.

Brunette and black hair suits cool reds, hot pink and fuchsia, black, white, turquoise, royal blue, cool pastel colors, bright yellow, bright red.

Blonde hair suits chocolate brown, warm pastels, light earth tones, orange, peach, navy, bright green.

Red hair suits rich earth tones, green, orange, pale gold, brown.

camille_la_vie_dress red-hair brunette

Use Publiboda USA’s guide to bridesmaid dress colors to help you pick the perfect color for your bridesmaids's dresses:

Black, dark gray and platinum gray are becoming ever popular colors for bridesmaids, often wore with a different colored sash in the same color palette to lighten the look. Black and gold is a stunning combination.

Blue: darker shades of blue look good on most women, especially older bridesmaids, and have a slimming effect on the figure. Avoid bright shades of blue as they are reminiscent of prom dresses. Pale blue is suitable for beach weddings, and navy, turquoise and teal shades are currently in vogue.

Earth colors: rust, sienna and chocolate brown are ideal shades for a fall wedding, and suit most people. These colors are perhaps a little “serious” for child bridesmaids, so why not choose earth colors for the women, and cream or pale gold shades for the little ones with sashes to complement the adults’ dresses? One of the hottest color combinations is blue and brown.

camille_la_vie_dress lazaro_teal_dress saison_blanche_brown_dress

Green does not suit everyone, especially brighter shades, but is the ideal color for redheads. Dark green velvet is an opulent choice for a winter wedding, and pale green looks wonderful at a spring or summer garden ceremony, although it may not suit an older bridesmaid. Apple green and sage green are currently in vogue.

Orange is a hot contemporary color right now, especially more subtle shades like coral and dark peach. Bright orange is a good choice for women with dark skin. Pale orange is a pretty summertime color for child bridesmaids.

Pink symbolizes youth, innocence and femininity. It is a good choice for an outdoor, springtime wedding, especially for young girls. Think of dark, dusky pink for a more flattering look for older bridesmaids. Pink dresses can often look like a prom dress, so consider a straight dress with a halter neck for a more elegant look. Other hot shades are fuchsia and blush pink.

jcrew_green_dress jorge_terra_orange_pink_dress da_vinci_pink_dress

Purple is a bold and colorful color that is a good alternative to red. It makes women with pale skin appear paler, but can complement dark or Oriental skin colors. Be careful when choosing the shade as bright purple shades can look a little tacky, and purple may not suit fuller figured bridesmaids. Lavender is a gorgeous color for little girls at summer weddings. Hot colors for adult bridesmaids are violet and grape.

Red is a bold color that works well at sophisticated evening weddings. Choose dark red, claret, or more muted shades to avoid the “scarlet woman” look. Red generally looks good on women with dark or olive skin and usually makes redheads and pale-skinned blondes look washed out.

Yellow is a color that few adult bridesmaids can carry off, so choose the shade with care. Go for either darker or pale shades of yellow depending on your bridesmaids’ skin color, or choose a slightly patterned fabric that includes touches of a contrasting color such as dark gray to tone down the effect.

alvina_valenta_dress alvina_valenta_claret_dress jim_hjelm_yellow_dress

Check out our gallery of bridesmaid dress designers for inspiration.

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