Wedding dress colors

black-brideUse our guide to wedding dress colors to help find the perfect color for you

Most people’s initial idea of a wedding dress is a long white ball gown, historically associated with purity.

However pure white does not suit the complexion of many brides. White itself comes in a range of tones: stark white, diamond white, off-white.

Ivory, champagne, cream, silver, pale gold, pale blue and light pink gowns are widely available.

Some brides even choose colors like burgundy, dark green, black and dark red. Brides with a Scottish or Irish heritage who are planning a theme wedding where the groom is planning to wear a kilt may pick a dress almost entirely in tartan or with a sash.

One thing to bear in mind is what your skin tone will be at the time of your wedding. If you try on a dress in winter and are getting married in early autumn, the chances are that your skin will be tanned from your pre-wedding holiday! Or vice versa: if you try on a dress with tan skin in summer when planning your winter wedding, it is highly likely that your skin will be much paler by the big day.

Always try on dresses in daylight and wear natural makeup similar to what you would wear on your wedding day.

Some ideas on how to match your gown color to your complexion and hair color:

  • White wedding dresses are best for black brides and dark haired brides with a fair or olive-skinned complexion.
  • Off-white wedding dresses are best for blonde haired "English rose" brides with a fair or olive-skinned complexion.
  • Ivory wedding dresses are best for brides with dark blonde or light brown hair and a creamy-toned complexion.
  • Cream wedding dresses suit red haired and strawberry blonde brides with a fair and/or freckled complexion.
  • Gold dresses suit brides with golden blonde hair and a golden tan, and brunettes with a light complexion with yellow undertones.
  • Brides with red tones in their skin should avoid pink dresses.
  • Brides with very pale skin should choose an ivory or oyster-colored wedding dress with a brownish tone, and should avoid white and yellow tones.
  • Black brides look great in white dresses with blue undertones and should avoid ivory dresses.
  • Asian brides look great in ivory dresses and should avoid pure white.
  • Brides with buff or latte skin color look good in off-white.

The final important piece of advice given by bridal consultants is to go for what suits your coloring, rather than being ruled by fashion.

Let your imagination go wild when it comes to details but getting the color right provides the foundations for a stunning wedding look.

ivory_dress white_gown cream_dress

Check out our gallery of wedding dress designers for inspiration.

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