Wedding dresses: length

Use our guide to dress lengths to find the ideal style for your bridal gown

The length of your dress mainly depends on the style of the occasion and the venue.

A grand cathedral wedding requires a traditional full length dress, whereas a knee length or tea length dress is ideal for a beach wedding or informal civil ceremony. An asymmetrical length dress may be just right for a trendy, in-vogue venue.


An ankle length dress is slightly raised from the ground, particularly at the front, revealing the bride’s shoes. This length is perfect for brides who do not want to be worrying about tripping over their skirts on their wedding day. This kind of dress is often in the A-line, trumpet or mermaid style.


An asymmetrical length dress or hi lo dress is a contemporary style that is gaining in popularity. The hem could be raised on just one side at the front, revealing one leg, or the whole front part of the dress might be shorter than the back, revealing the front of both legs. This style is great for brides who are looking for a more dramatic, daring look.


A floor length dress literally touches the floor, so you will need to practice the “kick step”, where you give the dress a tiny kick to move it out of the way before taking a step.


A knee length dress falls to just above the knee and is suitable for a destination wedding or informal civil wedding. Many brides who wear this kind of cocktail length dress on their wedding day adapt or dye their dresses to wear again at a special party or event. A knee length dress is a good choice for brides with great legs. This kind of dress is not worn with a train and is often in the princess, A-line, sheath or ball gown style.  


A tea length dress falls to between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf. Tea length dresses can be worn for many different occasions, such as your wedding, a garden party, or for work, depending on the accessories and shoes you wear with it. Many brides who are marrying for the second time choose a dress in this style for their civil wedding ceremony. A tea length dress is a good choice for brides with good legs. This kind of dress is not worn with a train and is often in the A-line, ball gown, trumpet or empire style.  

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