Wedding flower colors


The colors of the flowers you choose for your wedding day reflect the mood of the occasion and your personality.

Here are some suggestions for different colors and flowers for your wedding day:

Blue is a fresh and relaxing cool color, evocative of the sky and the sea. Choose hydrangeas, hyacinths, delphiniums, sea holly, or thistle.

Green is the color of nature, and is a relaxing, tension-reducing color. It is the color of palm leaves, ivy, ferns, and all kinds of foliage for bouquets and floral arrangements.

Orange is a warm, vibrant color that is great for summer and fall weddings. Choose gerberas, tropical flowers like bird of paradise, roses, and freesias.

Pink is the ultimately feminine and relaxing color. Choose gerberas, roses, stargazer lilies, tulips, and orchids.

Purple is a cool color that is dramatic, ostentatious and unusual. In the Christian religion it represents the blood of Christ. Choose lilies, fragrant freesias, gladioli, exotic orchids, and violets.

Red is a warm color that attracts the attention, raises the spirits, and is considered a passionate and sensual color. Choose red roses, gerberas, freesias, tulips, or even poinsettias to decorate the church at Christmastime.


White symbolizes purity and innocence. Choose daisies, calla lilies, stephanotis, lily-of the-valley, roses, magnolia, snowdrops, and orange blossom.

Yellow is a warm, bright color that is evocative of summer and the sun, raising the spirits. Choose roses, lilies, orchids, gerberas, and tulips. Daffodils are perfect for spring weddings.

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