20 money-saving wedding tips

A selection of top tips to help cut the cost of your wedding

1. Book vendors well in advance: One of the key ways of saving money is to book vendors well in advance of your wedding, as they will usually give you the best prices.

2. The wedding date: Some months are more popular than others for brides, and there are certain periods that could be described as “low season”, when there are fewer weddings, meaning that you are sure to find incredible discounts. You could also choose to marry on a Thursday or a Sunday, for example, rather than Friday and Saturday, the most popular days to get married.

3. A more informal wedding: (Or at least, slightly less formal) There is no need to be ostentatious to have an elegant wedding, and you do not need a lot of unnecessary paraphernalia to be a beautiful bride.

4. One hour less: Your guests will not even notice if your wedding lasts four hours instead of five, but this could make a big difference to your budget.

saving-money5. 10% contingency fund: However carefully you plan your wedding budget, a wise couple keeps back 10% “just in case” for unexpected costs that may arise.

6. The time of the wedding: A wedding that takes place in the morning or early afternoon will be less expensive than a wedding in the evening. Vendors such as the reception venue and caterers will be able to offer better prices as they can work on another celebration in the evening on the same day.

7. Plan your guest list carefully: If you end up inviting more people at the last minute, this means you need to increase the cost of the food, drinks, invitations, favors…

8. Check the small print: Before signing up a vendor, check that they are a reputed company and ask for references; check that everything you have agreed is put down in writing, even to the smallest details; ask them to specify the quality of the products to be provided, and ask them to provide samples of the decoration and the menu.

9. Check what is included: Before contracting services for your wedding, ask vendors to provide you with a written and signed list of everything that is included as you may find yourself paying twice for decorations, flowers, or other services.

10. Something borrowed: As well as being a superstition that is believed to bring good luck to the future marriage, “something borrowed” is a good way of saving money. Your best friend’s veil, your mother’s diamond earrings, your aunt’s pearl necklace…

11. No wedding favors: There are many types of favors available nowadays at very low prices, or you could make your own for very little money, but if you really need to make savings, your wedding will be just as special for your guests without favors.

simple-bouquet12. Simple flower arrangements: Simple but attractive flower arrangements with a few types of flowers, perhaps even from your garden, are all the rage and will cost less than fancy bouquets and centerpieces.

13. Seasonal flowers: To save money, ask your florist for local flowers that are in season. Even better, buy them directly from the grower or wholesaler.

14. Steer clear of special dates: There are certain dates during the year when flower prices are extortionate, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, so try to avoid these dates when planning your wedding.

15. Just one price: Sign up the same musicians for the ceremony and the reception.

16. Make the most of the reception venue: If you have chosen a venue for the reception that is historic, architecturally stunning or particularly charming, you may be able to take advantage of the atmosphere and charm to save money on decorations.

17. Share the costs: There are often two or more weddings on the day in the same church, so why not speak to the other brides and suggest you share the cost of the flowers. This is one way of either spending less or getting even better floral arrangements than you would get if you all paid individually.

18. Add a little romance: Dim the electric lights, use candles, and add some simple but stunning flower arrangements to give your reception a romantic atmosphere without the need for expensive decorations.

19. Buy a “gently used” wedding dress: Many brides are realizing the benefits of buying a pre-owned wedding dress. They have usually only been worn once, and will probably have been professionally cleaned. You could wear a stunning couture gown on your wedding day for the price of an off-the-peg dress.

20. A home-grown honeymoon: One way of seriously cutting your wedding budget is the honeymoon. Consider taking your honeymoon locally at a campground, bed and breakfast, or rural hotel to cut accommodation and travel costs. Remember that romance is free!  

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  1. SarahLeigh:
    Jan 05, 2012 at 02:13 AM

    Organizing a wedding is soooo expensive, but I think it can be done much cheaper if you use your imagination and lower your expectations without compromising, it can be done!

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