Choosing table linen for your wedding reception

elegir los manteles del banqueteThe guests' first glimpse of the tables at your wedding reception will give them a feeling of anticipation of the delicious meal to follow.

In order to choose your table linen and decorate the table in general, we recommend you follow this advice to give you a clearer idea of what works best for your wedding.

Before choosing the table linen, the first thing you should have clear is the type of wedding you want, and above all whether it is going to take place in the day or in the evening. Choose colors that work with your wedding color palette, but that are also suitable for the venue and the time of day.

Reception time and style

Informal, in the open air, by day: The right table linen should be in bright, lively colors to match the surroundings, whether a garden, park or beach.

Formal, by day: Colors should be strong and should contrast with the tableware, which is usually white or in a single color.

Elegant and by day: The best colors are sober colors like ivory or cream, or also navy blue or dark green to provide contrast. You could also use a tablecloth with a border or a table runner to give an elegant aura.

In the evening: Here you can use table linen in white, beige, ochre tones or gold satin. Consider gold, silver or glass charger plates (the "false" plates that are placed under the dinner plates). Candles in tall candleholders are perfect for evening receptions.

A very formal table or gala event: An elegant table can be laid with a white or ecru linen cloth with lace detail. Napkins should be in the same color and the same fabric as the main tablecloth or could be contrasted with burgundy napkins.

Don’t forget the charger plates which could be made of silver or stainless steel for a very formal event.

Other recommendations

Accessories such as chair covers, sashes, bows, floral centerpieces, and candles should be chosen to complement the table linen.

Also bear in mind the color of the carpet or floor covering when choosing color schemes to avoid clashes.

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