Common errors in bridal makeup

Here are some of the most common errors in bridal makeup to help you avoid making these mistakes and so you look stunning on your wedding day.

Every bride wants to look incredible on her wedding day and as well as her gown, hairstyle and accessories, the makeup is very important.

When a bride is preparing for her big day she may think “more is better”, but this does not apply to everything, at least where makeup is concerned.

Error 1. Wearing too much makeup.

A wedding is a great celebration, but it does not mean you should go over-the-top with your makeup. In this case “less is more”, as you don’t want to be unrecognizable to your groom, family and friends.

Error 2. Being a slave to fashion.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, so you are better off choosing a classic look, because as the years pass and along with them fashions, you will look at your dated makeup on your wedding photographs and might regret it.

Error 3. Looking like a drag queen.

If you do not usually wear makeup, choose natural makeup, as you don’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a drag queen.

Error 4. Insisting that your bridesmaids wear exactly the same makeup.

The days have gone when all the bridesmaids had to look exactly the same even down to the makeup. Let each girl choose her own makeup, as what looks good on one will not look so good on another. Each girl should feel comfortable with herself and her makeup. One option is to ask all of them to stick to a certain color range – blush pink, red, or coral lipstick, for example – but then give them free rein on exactly which shade they choose.

Error 5. Wearing makeup that makes you feel uncomfortable.

For example, you may want to avoid glossy lipstick if you are not used to the “sticky” feeling that it gives.

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