Essential kit for weddings and other events

Everything you need to take with you to survive weddings, baptisms and other events

Do you wish you could hide away in a cave to avoid the wedding of your second cousin once removed?

Face up to it, weddings, baptisms, communions and the like are meant to be enjoyable events but they also come with a price for people who are not lovers of this kind of celebration: hours away from home, uncomfortable clothes and shoes, vast amounts of food, too much alcohol, dancing to corny music, talking to people you haven’t seen for years and wish you didn’t have to see again, and general merry-making. We have come up with an emergency kit to help you survive any celebration still looking, smelling and feeling great.

You will notice that most of these tips are for women, as it is us who suffer most during this type of celebrations as we feel somehow obliged to put on high heels, a perfectly made-up face, a fancy hairstyle, and a dress that we will probably never wear again. However there are also some tips that are suitable to help guests of both sexes prepare a kit to help them survive any type of event.

Personal hygiene: whether it is hot or cold, people perspire at weddings

perfume-and-makeupAlthough it is raining or blowing a gale, guests at weddings always end up perspiring so you will have to take everything to the dry cleaners after the event. We all know that you need to use antiperspirant after your morning shower (although not everyone does this…), but it is a good idea to be able to freshen up during the day. Purchase a mini-deodorant spray that will fit into a purse. You could also buy deodorant towelettes, for example by L’Occitane, and the ladies will appreciate intimate hygiene towelettes.

Your body temperature will rise due to a large intake of food and alcohol at the reception, as well as dancing, which will make your face glow but not in the way you would like it to, ruining many a photo. Wearing a lot of make-up also causes this shine. Look out for special absorbent paper for the face which absorbs grease and impurities, giving a matte effect to the skin. Try the Body Shop’s Tea Tree Facial Blotting Tissues.

Lastly, prepare a miniature bottle of your favorite fragrance to take to the party, or a purse atomizer. Some perfume manufacturers make mini atomizers of their perfumes, such as Kenzo’s Parfum D’Ete or Flower.

Make-up, the first thing to run at weddings

Either it is because you put on more make-up than usual, or because of the heat that we were talking about before, but your make-up is usually the first to run at weddings. Be prepared, and add Fix’ Make Up by Clarins to your finished make-up. This refreshing mist sets your make-up and prolongs its hold, leaving a professional finish.

There are many emergency solutions to help revitalize the tone of your skin, such as Instantly Radiant by Darphin, which you apply to the undereye area, getting rid of any signs of fatigue. Bourjois’ Complexion Enhancer, which you apply over your make-up, gives a luminous glow to the most tired-looking face. If you are prone to spots or breakouts, pack a blemish concealer.

If what is really required is to remove all your make-up and start again, carry Sephora’s Makeup Eraser Pen, which removes makeup and smudges like magic. And to redo your makeup, there is no need to carry your entire makeup kit with you. Instead, try the Justine Case by Benefit Cosmetics, with foundation, lip and cheek stain, eye brightening cream, lip shine and its own mirror.

Remember to pack a small travel mirror so that you do not have to resort to redoing your make-up in the car wing mirror…

Don’t despair if the hours spent at the hairdresser’s start to droop… a small travel hairbrush and a mini-can of lacquer are all you need to keep your hairstyle together. You just have to console yourself with the fact that after a certain point in the celebration every guest starts to look a little disheveled, however elegant they were when they arrived.

For happy feet

Our poor feet… Why do we insist on wearing new and uncomfortable shoes precisely for the longest parties? This is a habit that we don’t seem to be able to break. Women who wear high heels are eternally grateful to the inventors of gel cushions, available in a variety of styles and sizes (read more at our page on Tips for happy feet).

Blisters are another classic symptom of weddings and parties. Normal Band-Aids do nothing for blisters, as they wrinkle, fall off, and stick to the blister itself, causing more discomfort. The best solution is Band-Aid Blister Cushions (known as Compeed in the UK), a miracle product that is designed to protect and cure the blister. To help prevent blisters from forming in vulnerable areas such as the baby toe, apply Band-Aid Blister Block stick, which forms an invisible shield.

And when you can’t take any more, take off your heels and put on some comfortable shoes. The latest trend is for foldable ballet slippers that fold up neatly into your purse, or rollable flip flops. Both types come in a range of designs and fit neatly in your purse. We like Footzyrolls. Bear in mind that once you have removed a high heeled shoe that is causing discomfort it is practically impossible to put it on your feet again that day, as they will have either swollen or have developed a mysterious “anti-heel” mechanism that repels the shoe.


Think of your belly…

Canapés, seafood, soup, fish, sorbet, meat, wedding cake… A recipe for indigestion! Take a couple of chewable antacid tablets with you, such as Gaviscon, which will help digest the rich food served at a wedding. Different types of wine and liquor and in large quantities will also take their toll, so it might be a good idea to have an Alka Seltzer ready in case the hangover arrives early.

Make sure to save a space for a small dental kit so that you can brush your teeth after the meal. Breath mints will help freshen your breath if you don’t have a brush and toothpaste.

Other items that you may need are a spare pair of pantyhose, painkillers, tissues to wipe away the tears that often fall during the ceremony, a snack such as dried fruit or nuts in case the photos go on forever and you won't get any lunch until 4 o'clock...

Where do we put all this stuff?

And now the big question: where do we put so much kit?

Don’t put it in your purse as it will weigh far too much. Instead, pack a vanity bag with all necessary items, and put it in the coat check until you need it. You can guarantee that you will need it, and often! And you can guarantee that other less organized people will ask to borrow your essential items...

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