We're engaged, what next?

I’ve got the ring on my finger... What do I do now?

A very special moment is when the bride-to-be has got her engagement ring on her finger and thoughts turn to the wedding. The countdown can now begin to the “big day”.

Many couples do not know where to start. Everyone will give their opinions but this is a time when the bride and groom (and their parents if they are paying) need to take a deep breath and decide on the following:

- The date of the wedding.

- Decide what type of wedding you want: by day, in the evening, on a beach, in a garden or in a castle…

- What type of ceremony do you want (civil, religious, humanist…).

- Number of guests.

Why are these details so important? Because no wedding planner or vendor can give you a realistic quote for your event without knowing these key details. It is therefore very important that you are very clear on all of these areas before you start planning the budget for your wedding.


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