Happy feet on your wedding day


Treat your tootsies to make sure they don't let you down on your wedding day!

Almost everybody wears new shoes on their wedding day, spending many hours on their feet, and many brides wear a higher heel than they are used to.

Feet are the most neglected area of the body, but the one that perhaps works the hardest. Pamper your feet before your wedding and they will thank you for it.

Here are some homegrown suggestions to ensure that your shoes do not hurt your feet, that you don’t get blisters, that you don’t slip over...

Use a foot softening cream in the weeks leading up to your wedding. You should apply it at night to soften hard and cracked skin. In summer, put it in the refrigerator and when you get back from work, apply the cooling cream after showering. Many people in the know recommend Foot Works Therapeutic Cracked Heel Relief Cream by Avon. At just $5.00, it is an absolute bargain and users can’t praise this product enough.

There is a large range of gel cushions available to help prevent and solve a variety of different problems you may experience with your bridal footwear:

  • If the bottoms of your feet hurt from pressure, buy a pair of gel heel liners. They are suitable for closed shoes such as kitten heeled shoes.

  • If your shoes dig in your heels, buy a pair of gel heel cushions. Suitable for all types of closed shoes.

  • To protect and cushion any area of your foot that may suffer from rubbing or friction, like your baby toe or the side of your foot, try mini gel cushions.

  • If your feet slide forward when you wear open-toed heels or shoes that are slightly too big, try gel anti-slip pads to keep your feet in place and prevent them from slipping forward.

  • Try ball-of-foot cushions to alleviate the burning sensation that you may get from wearing very high-heeled shoes (both open-toe and closed-toe).

Treat yourself to a foot massage on the morning of your wedding. With your legs raised, ask your masseuse (or a willing volunteer) to apply a luxurious foot cream or balm and spend a short time relaxing before putting on your pantyhose. Avoid oils as they make your feet slippery.

The week before the wedding, wear thick socks and wear your wedding shoes as much as possible around the house to help break them in.

To soften new shoes, try rubbing around the inside of the shoes with hair conditioner, a moistened bar of soap, or rubbing alcohol.

If your shoes are too tight, freeze them! Get two baggies and fill halfway with water. Seal the bags well and squeeze them into the toes of your shoes. Put your shoes into the freezer overnight and remove the next day. Leave in a sink for an hour, remove the frozen baggies, leave your shoes to reach room temperature and try them on. The fabric or leather of the shoe should have stretched a little, as water expands when it forms ice. Definitely worth a try!

How to stop your leather shoes from slipping: cut a potato in half and run the cut edge across the sole and heel. Leave to dry, and your shoes should be less slippery.

Other suggestions to prevent slipping:

  • Apply Coca Cola (which makes the bottom on the shoe slightly sticky, stopping slipping)

  • Score the bottom of your shoes slightly with a knife to make the sole less slippery rub the soles with sandpaper

  • Scuff the soles on rough concrete.

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