How to store your wedding dress


Your wedding dress is something to treasure forever (unless you plan a trash the dress photo session, that is…).

If you are planning to put it away as a memento or for your daughter to wear in the future, follow our advice on how to keep it in perfect condition, so that it does not turn yellow or get eaten by moths.

You will need: around 20 sheets of acid-free tissue paper and a large acid-free cardboard box.
  1. Take the dress for dry cleaning or washing if this is permitted (check the care label). Look for a company that is experienced in washing wedding dresses. Do not store a dirty wedding dress. Take the dress for cleaning as soon as possible after the wedding, as stains will become harder to remove with time.

  2. Buy a special acid-free cardboard box designed for storing wedding dresses.

  3. Line the box with acid-free tissue paper, then place the hem of the dress in the box and fold the dress into the box, placing paper between each fold.

  4. Make sure that no part of the dress is touching another, and that there are no sharp creases as this can damage the fabric over time.

  5. The bodice of the dress should be at the top. Use acid-free tissue to line and pad out areas such as the sleeves, collar and bodice.

  6. Your veil should be wrapped in acid-free paper and stored on top of the dress, as it is very delicate and could be crushed.

  7. Label the box and store it in a cool place away from damp or extremes of temperature.

  8. Take out your dress once a year to admire it and check it, and repack in the same way. You may even wish to try on your dress once in a while, depending on whether it still fits you ten years after your wedding!

Some dry cleaning companies offer the service of vacuum packing wedding dresses, which is somewhat expensive but it is worth it. This method consists of putting the dress into a box from which all the air is then removed. This means that the dress can be stored for years without turning yellow, and without getting eaten by moths.

Avoid storing your wedding dress in plastic, as when plastic breaks down it gives off chemicals which could damage your gown.

If you follow this advice, your dress will continue to look as perfect as the day you wore it.


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