Tips and advice: Weddings

20 top tips to help cut the cost of your wedding

Book vendors well in advance; A more informal wedding; Plan your guest list carefully; Seasonal flowers; Buy a “gently used” wedding dress; A home-grown honeymoon... Read more

What to do when the wedding is cancelled

When a couple decides to get married they do not usually think of the possibility that the long-awaited wedding may not actually happen... Read more

How should we divide the costs?

As we all know, planning a wedding is expensive, and it is important to stick to a budget which will determine the style and the size of the celebration... Read more

How to say that you prefer money instead of gifts

If you already have your house set up as you want it, you may prefer to receive cash for an extra-special honeymoon or to buy a particular item that you have always dreamed of... Read more

Planning your wedding without problems at work or getting fired

When one of my friends got engaged, her boss gave her two weeks “license” so that she could plan her wedding. He was tolerant of all the phone calls to caterers and photographers... Read more

Tips for happy feet on your big day

Many brides wear a higher heel than they are used to on their wedding day. Here are some homegrown suggestions to ensure that your shoes do not hurt your feet... Read more


A winter wedding: ideas and suggestions

Sometimes there is no alternative than to get married in winter or perhaps you find winter more romantic than the other seasons, so what do you need to bear in mind? Read more

How to store your wedding dress

Your wedding dress is something to treasure forever. Follow our advice on how to keep it in perfect condition, so that it does not turn yellow or get eaten by moths... Read more

“Trash the dress”

The latest trend is trashing your dress, where you destroy your wedding dress and have professional photos taken to hold onto the memory... Read more

The most common errors in bridal makeup

Here is a list of the most common errors in bridal makeup so that you can avoid making mistakes and look stunning on your wedding day... Read more 

Choosing the best reception venue for you

The selection of the reception site will depend on the availability, price, proximity to the ceremony venue, and the number of guests... Read more

I’ve got the ring on my finger... What do I do now?

A very special moment is when the bride-to-be has got her engagement ring on her finger and thoughts turn to the wedding...Read more

How to choose table linen for your wedding reception

Before choosing the table linen, the first thing you should have clear is the type of wedding you want, and above all whether it is going to take place in the day or in the evening... Read more

Essential kit for weddings and other events

We have come up with an emergency kit to help you survive any celebration still looking, smelling and feeling great... Read more

I’ve been asked to take the photos at my friend’s wedding

If you are a good photographer, be it professional or amateur, you have probably been asked more than once to take the photographs at a friend or family member’s wedding... Read more

Advice on holding an open-air wedding

Many weddings are held in the open air, mainly in spring and summer, and although it can be a beautiful way to get married, it can have its drawbacks... Read more

Choosing the music for the reception

If you are planning to offer canapés and drinks before the lunch or dinner at your wedding reception, book a chamber orchestra, string quartet, or harpist to play classical pieces, a jazz group, or a singer... Read more


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