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How to say that you prefer cash or a check...

If you already have your house set up as you want it, you may prefer to receive cash for an extra-special honeymoon or to buy a particular item that you have always dreamed of. But you may feel uncomfortable about asking people directly.

Here are some ideas from real brides.

“We used, as we thought that a site like this would be a really convenient way for people to give a cash gift, especially guests who regularly use the Internet. We designed our own personal site where we could say what we wanted the money for. In our case, we asked for help paying for our honeymoon cruise and were pleasantly surprised by how much we were given.”

“Yesterday I was getting the invitations ready and we included a card in each envelope that says ‘for your convenience here is our bank account number’. We’ve already got our house fixed how we want it, and what we really need is money to pay for the wedding reception.”

“I know that it seems a little cold, but these days you can get free cards from the bank with your checking account number printed on them. It probably would’ve looked better to put a nice phrase on the card, but we didn’t think about it in time. I guess that most people won’t pay money into the account but instead will give you an envelope on the day. People are getting increasingly used to this kind of thing and don’t think twice about it.”

“I don’t like the idea of directly asking for money instead of gifts, but I know someone who used a phrase that sounded a little better even though the end result was to ask for money. If it helps in any way the phrase was:

'Your best gift to us, our honeymoon
Bank xxxxx
Checking account no. – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'

“Even if you ask for cash you will probably receive gifts from people who insist on you having a physical object to remember them by, and you will not be saved from the inevitable useless or tasteless gift.”

“The bank where we have our mortgage gave us some really cool cards with our account number on them. I think it was discreet and people understood what we needed (or at least I hope so!).”

“Don’t put anything and tell people as they confirm attendance. But I will admit that in my case it was easy as we had only invited close family and friends who could guess what we wanted without us having to say anything.”

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  1. Linda:
    Jan 05, 2012 at 02:16 AM

    Let's be honest, most people these days prefer money as they can choose something they really want. It's nice to get a few surprise gifts too, but you can't beat a check!

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