Choosing music for the reception


The music is designed to welcome each guest to the wedding reception and draw them into the unique atmosphere of the event, so be sure to plan it carefully.

If you are planning to offer canapés and drinks before the lunch or dinner at your wedding reception, the background music should be relaxing and not at high volume, so that it fills all of the spaces with sound but allows people to hold conversations without having to shout.

Think about whether the welcome drinks will be served indoors or outside in a garden, for instance, and choose the music accordingly to suit the mood and the space.

Book a chamber orchestra, string quartet, or harpist to play classical pieces, a jazz group, or a singer who will sing romantic and melodious ballads.

A singer’s voice may be lost and inaudible outside, so choose something that provides more volume, or ensure that he or she has a microphone and sound system.


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