Planning a wedding without problems at work


How can you plan your wedding without problems at work or getting fired?

When one of my friends got engaged, her boss gave her two weeks “license” so that she could plan her wedding. He was tolerant of all the phone calls to caterers and photographers, and let her go home early so that she could visit reception venues. But by the end of the third week, his patience had run out. He told her that he was paying her salary to write letters, not write her wedding vows, and would she please plan her wedding in her free time. My friend immediately realized that she had overstepped the mark. So if your work is important to you, don’t cross that fine line.

Brides who plan their own wedding spend between 80 and 150 hours organizing all the details. This means you have to be intelligent in the way you use your time. Is it possible to get everything ready for your big day and also do your job well? Of course it is!

Here we help you plan the perfect wedding without affecting your work:

Prioritize your time. If you want to plan your wedding during working hours, make use of your lunch break. But remember that a call concerning your wedding should not take priority over the calls you need to make for your work.

Know how to find, and use, your own time. You know that you should be doing as much as you can out of the office, but the problem is that you don’t have much free time during office hours, so you need to find those short periods of free time that we all have throughout the day. If your working day does not start until 9.30 a.m., for example, you could make appointments to visit vendors between 8 and 9. If you have to commute to work, make use of those tedious minutes spend travelling to write thank you letters and read contracts that you have signed or are about to sign with vendors.

Make the most of technology. This is the best time in history to be a bride who works as technology is on her side. Instead of spending two hours on the telephone with the florist, you can get into work early and send out emails. Most vendors have a fax machine and you can configure your computer to receive faxes. Communicate with your make-up artist or your hairstylist by cell phone when you are on your way home. Vendors can send you PDF catalogs of their products and services that you can browse during your lunch hour. And don’t forget that there are thousands of companies on the Internet that can help you organize your wedding (like for example!).

Organize your life around your work and not around you. Planning your wedding can be like taking on another full-time job. Ask to speak to your boss to inform him or her of your plans. Find out what goals he or she has in mind for you this year and how your schedule will work, taking into account the dates of your wedding and honeymoon. You need to make sure that any planned business trips (either yours or your boss’) do not clash with these dates.

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