Trash the dress


Would you prefer to store your dress, or trash it...?

Many brides do not know what to do with their wedding dress after their wedding day. Some put it into storage in the hopes that any daughters they may have will want to wear it, others sell it to recoup some of the money they spent on it, others have their dress altered and dyed so that they can wear it again at another event…

Now the latest trend is trashing your dress, where you destroy your wedding dress (or at least make it look like you have ruined it) and have professional photos taken to hold onto the memory.

A trash the dress photo session is usually held after the honeymoon, and brides are very imaginative in how they trash their dresses. Beaches, lakes, mud, city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings…

You may also hear a trash the dress photo session being called fearless bridal or rock the frock.

Many brides do this as a symbol of love for their husband. The message is that they no longer need the dress and the photos of it being destroyed provide a lasting memory of their love. It is a very romantic gesture, but to many people it seems like a real shame to trash such a beautiful (and expensive) dress. Each to their own…

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