A modern American wedding


The modern American wedding is well-known and well-copied worldwide thanks to the Hollywood Dream Factory, where countless movies and TV programs depict the perfect fairytale wedding day with the happy-ever-after ending.

There are many wedding traditions and customs in the United States that come from other cultures, mainly European. Most Americans follow the traditions of their culture or religion when getting married.

A typical American wedding is usually very elaborate and requires extensive planning, with a typical white wedding in a church being the most popular style.

Wedding colors and themes


Accessories, clothing, table linen and decorations at a US wedding usually follow a color scheme chosen by the bride, and great effort is made to adhere to these colors.


Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, with couples organizing weddings with an Elvis, Las Vegas, beach, pioneer, medieval or Western theme, to name but a few. 


The bridal party


The groomsmen tradition comes from many centuries ago when men had to capture women in order to marry them. Modern groomsmen have a very different role: they are responsible for helping and supporting the groom, and usually make a speech at the reception.

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bridesmaidsBridesmaids and the maid/matron of honor

Including bridesmaids in a wedding comes from the old belief that it was a way of confusing evil spirits as to who the bride was. Today, the job of bridesmaids and the maid or matron of honor is to help the bride during the wedding preparations and accompany her on the day itself.

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ring-bearer-flower-girlFlower girls, page boys and ring bearers

Flower girls, page boys and ring bearers are also a common feature of an American wedding. They are typically children aged between the ages of 3 and 8. They add a whimsical touch to any wedding, and may wear fairy costumes, sailor suits or even be dressed as mini-brides. Flower girls often carry a basket of rose petals that they strew on the aisle of the church before the bride's arrival and bridal march.



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