A Moroccan wedding

A traditional wedding in Morocco is an amazing party that spans over many days. A wedding in Morocco is sometimes celebrated over a whole week.

The key elements are undoubtedly the bride, who must be radiant with beauty, and the two families who become united and not just two people. Even today, with the new generations, marriage in Morocco is an event that is enjoyed by everyone.

Wedding traditions in Morocco are not exactly the same in all parts of the country but there are many similarities. The engagement is a very important step in Moroccan marriages. When the family has agreed to the groom’s request for the woman’s hand in marriage, the preparations can begin. Families are then launched into lengthy discussions that may resemble business negotiations because the issues that are involved are of paramount importance. The two families need to decide on the dowry and the shared costs of the wedding party which in Morocco, remember, is a huge celebration.

Before the festivities, in Morocco it is customary to meet in small groups: the bride and groom, their parents, close relatives and possibly close friends will officially celebrate their union. The marriage is then recognized before the law. It must be established at the time that the parents had given their approval.

Then comes the famous Moroccan wedding party, replete with music and dance and also the delicious Moroccan cuisine. In preparation, the bride spends time in the Hammam in the company of other women for ritual purification.

The Moroccan bride changes outfit several times. Her hands are dyed with henna, and the other women present at the marriage can also do so on their hands.


Traditionally in Morocco, after three days of celebration the bride receives gifts from her in-laws. The guests move through the village together, singing to announce the marriage. Then evening comes, when the bride is adorned with many jewels and the bride and groom are seated in marriage chairs to receive their guests and watch them dancing. This celebration can last until morning. 

A Moroccan wedding still continues after that, and it is customary for the bride and groom to present all the gifts they received from their families.

Moroccan marriages no longer last all week, as this is not always possible due to the obligations of modern life. However, many are keen to maintain the traditional Moroccan wedding that takes place over several days and make the effort to revive the traditions, even if this means taking several days off.


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