A Hello Kitty theme wedding

How about a Hello Kitty-themed wedding? If you are a fan of the Japanese white cartoon cat by Sanrio, then this might be for you.


You may have a harder time persuading your groom, or perhaps he understands that it's a case of "Love me, love my Kitty". Or maybe he was the one to suggest it in the first place...

Start off with your wedding dress, with a choice of gowns embellished with Hello Kittys: pink and frothy, blue and lacy, white and fluffy, or red and velvety.



Would your groom be willing to wear one of these Hello Kitty tuxedos?


Once you've got your dress, you can add more Hello Kitty details, depending on your level of devotion. The bouquet...


The wedding band... Wear your devotion to both your spouse and to your favorite cat every day of your life with a Hello Kitty wedding ring set. Costing $1,640 (189,000 Yen), the rings are cleverly designed, with the groom's ring looking like an ordinary wedding band, but with an engraving of Hello Kitty on the inside. The bride's wedding band has Hello Kitty engraved on the outside, with two tiny diamond chips placed on either side of her face.


The pink wedding carriage or kitschy car…


The cake...


If all of these details aren't enough, how about a 100% Hello Kitty wedding?

Hong Kong couple Jamie Ng and Horlick Ng took their wedding vows on Valentines Day 2007, flanked by two life-size Hello Kitty mascots. Jamie and Horlick boarded the first-ever MTR Hello Kitty Wedding Train and headed towards to MTR Hong Kong Station, where they were legally married in a specially designed wedding hall.

You could even get married or have a wedding blessing at Puroland, the Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo. We have heard talk of Japanese hotels offering an entire Hello Kitty wedding, but haven't been able to track this down (possibly because the Japanese language isn't our strong point).


After your Hello Kitty wedding, why not spend your wedding night in a Hello Kitty themed hotel suite at the Grand Hi-Lai Hotel, Taiwan?

The hotel describes it: "Featuring a living room, dining room and a master bedroom, this 50 square meter suite is specifically designed for a joyful family vacation. In the delightfully pink suite, decorated with sweet Hello Kitty miniature vases and paintings, residents will find a Hello Kitty mini-studio and a complete Hello Kitty tea set. The large bathroom has a jumbo sanded Kitty mirror - take your time and enjoy a Kitty bubble bath!"

And also in Taiwan, once you decide to start a family after your wedding, you can even choose to give birth in a Hello Kitty maternity hospital!

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  1. kittyfan:
    Dec 28, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    This is great! I LOVE Hello Kitty, wouldn't mind this for my own wedding but can't imagine my fiance would approve!!

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