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Why advertise with Publiboda?

An opportunity that your company and your products should not miss.

advertising on publibodaFor companies, the Internet represents a unique opportunity to make their products and services known, at much lower costs when compared with other advertising media, and with conversion and profitability ratios that are impossible to achieve with traditional forms of advertising. Internet is another, and different, way of competing, and can therefore be distinguished from off-line companies that are limited to conventional forms of advertising.

The Internet allows all the necessary information to be transmitted to the specific audience who needs our products and services, without wasting the company's vitally important resources.

Not everybody who reads a newspaper or magazine, watches the television or listens to the radio is directly interested in all of the products and services offered by advertisers in these formats. Therefore, when you publicize your company in these media, you are directing your advertising to a large number of people, many of which will not pay attention as they are neither consumers of your products or services, nor are interested in them.

On the Internet, the difference lies in the fact that it is the users, or potential customers, who are going to find information on the products and services that they need. This is a quality that distinguishes Internet advertising from any other type of advertising, meaning that with the right advertising in the right place, people who are searching for our company, our products or our services, will find them.

Why advertise with Publiboda?

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