The world's most expensive wedding dresses

When you debate whether to spend several thousand dollars on your wedding gown, or buy a gently-used dress for a couple of hundred dollars, imagine if money was absolutely no object.

Some of these gowns were made to showcase the designers or to celebrate a particular event. The designer, the jewels, and the unique materials used make each dress special and valuable in its own way. Be inspired by these very special gowns.


The Diamond Wedding Gown by Renee Strauss

The world’s most expensive wedding dress was made through a collaboration between designer Renee Strauss and jewel dealer Martin Katz. The finished product was a sparkling gown made out of 150 carats of diamonds and worth USD 12 million. It was unveiled at the first Dubai Fashion and Diamonds Show in 2006 and model Lisa Harrington was chosen to show off this extravagant gown.


Diamond and pearl wedding gown by Yumi Katsura

The second most expensive wedding gown in the world, created by Japanese designer Yumi Katsura in 2009, is adorned with 8.8k green diamonds, one of only two 5-carat white gold diamonds in the world, and 1,000 pearls. This legendary dress was made in silk and satin, embroidered with zari (a special type of thread made of fine silver or gold), and was sold in Japan for a billion yen or over US$8 million.



The Danasha Luxury Gown by Jad Ghandour

Designer Jad Ghandour debuted the Danasha Luxury Gown at Miami International Fashion week in 2010. Modeled on the runway by Natasha Pruszinski, the couture taffeta features 75 carats of high spec diamonds hand-selected from Antwerp, Belgium and 250 grams of 18 k gold. The dress cost an incredible US$1.5 million.


The Peacock Feather wedding gown

Made by eight craftsmen in just two months, this unique peacock feather gown was launched at the Wedding Culture Expo in Nanjing, China, using 2009 male peacock feathers in honor of Chinese new year 2009. The dress is also adorned with 60 Hetian jades and is worth USD1.4 million.


Platinum wedding gown by Mauro Adami

This wedding dress, worth US$ 355,440, was designed by leading Italian designer, Mauro Adami. The unique gown was made using over 40 meters of fabric spun from silk and platinum thread.


The Glittery Gown

Costing over US$ 130,000, this wedding dress was designed by a famous jewelry designer in Hong Kong. The gown is encrusted with nearly 10 thousand karats of different jewels and is displayed in a jewelry store in Shangrao, China. There are most likely no diamonds on the gown, as this would increase the value considerably.


Pearl wedding dress by Imperial Pearl Syndicate

The silk net and satin Imperial Pearl Syndicate wedding dress, fashioned with 100,000 pearls, made its debut in 1950s. Weighing 27 lbs, it was sold for US$ 100,000 (a huge amount of money at the time). The gown was worn by Hollywood stars Gloria Swanson and Nina Foch.


A record-breaking wedding dress by Cosmina Englizian

With exactly 43,008 hand sewn Swarovski crystals and pearls, the 26.45 pound sparkling wedding gown designed by Romanian designer Cosmina Englizian was unveiled in an event in Bucharest, Romania, in 2004. Priced at US$40,000, this wedding gown entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 2010 as the wedding gown with the most crystals attached to it.

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