Destination wedding in Mexico: Xcaret Park


Mexican pop star Paulina Rubio married her Spanish husband Nicolás at Xcaret Park Eco Park, near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. What a fabulous location for a destination wedding!

Here is some more information about a destination wedding at Xcaret Park. As well as weddings, other events, such as christenings, debutante balls, Sweet Sixteens, Bar Mitzvahs and graduations can also be held here.

Your destination wedding at Xcaret Park

Nestled amidst the luxuriant rainforests of the Mexican Caribbean and upon the shores of a glittering turquoise sea, lies a place like no other in the world: Xcaret, meaning "small inlet" in Maya, a spectacular eco park in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Discover a new type of endless recreation through its wide range of attractions.


The veneration and preservation of the environment, as much as the legacies and cultures of the Maya peoples and Mexico in general, also are of paramount importance to Xcaret. The Eco Park is equally concerned with sensitizing visitors to the imperative need to save the planet, which it does through various interactive activities.


Xcaret Park offers a great variety of scenic locations that provide the perfect background for civil or religious ceremonies; these areas may go from those where only the couple is present to ceremonies with up to 190 guests.

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel

The Chapel is legally recognized by the Catholic Church, reason why Xcaret is one of the few places in the Mexican Caribbean to offer a ceremony with Catholic validity. Paulina Rubio was married in this chapel.


The Ponds

This is an impressive area of natural, rocky ponds acting as wave breakers, which can be the perfect scenery for a civil or religious ceremony (except Catholic) as you may find a beautiful stone altar to which you may have access by descending beautiful rustic stairs.

Other locations

There are diverse areas within Xcaret which stand out for their mysticism, nature and history. The spectacular landscape they offer for cocktail parties or civil and/or religious (non-Catholic) ceremonies will create a lasting memory in every one of your guests.

xcalet-park-weddingYour wedding reception at Xcaret

After the beautiful wedding, there is the great celebration. What could be better than impressing your guests with a mystical environment in an impressive natural cavern, or in an area with a view to the beach.

Receptions held at Xcaret may also offer the participation of the park’s performers, the singers, actors and dancers whom we can see daily in the “Xcaret México Espectacular” show.

This is an event as no one else can provide, unparalleled natural scenery, regional performers or pre-Hispanic dancers, the best food and a wide variety of beverages…and everything you deserve on the most important day of your life!

The ideal locations for the wedding reception are our diverse restaurants, all of them with impressive views and with an architectural style that enhances the surroundings.


Food and beverages

With a great variety ranging from cold hors d’ouvres to a refined four course menu, Xcaret offers a wide range to please the most demanding dinner guests.


The ideal accompaniment for the event is the beverage with which you combine it. It may be a good wine, your favorite cocktail drink, fresh fruit water or even creative flavored margaritas prepared in the bars of Xcaret Park.

The Executive Chef of Xcaret Park, Denis Radoux, has more than 15 years of experience in France, London and Mexico. The marvelous Mexican cuisine, as well as the great diversity of local ingredients in our country, were essential elements in Chef Radoux’s decision to reside in several states of the Mexican Republic, where he has been able to increase his culinary expertise, creating incredible dishes which are fundamental in pleasing our guests at all the events held at Xcaret.

Musical shows at Xcaret

In addition to being renowned as a sacred paradise with extraordinary natural attributes, Xcaret Park is also remarkable for its professionalism and the impressive participation of various performers who take us back to our roots and entrenches the beauty of the Mexican nationality in our heart.

Xcaret’s Event Coordinators may help you to contact or coordinate services with our select photography or flower providers, among others.

Xcaret Weddings

Xcaret Park, some background

In 1984, architect Miguel Quintana Pali purchased 12 acres in the Mayan Riviera, in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo where he was going to build his house. However, when he started to clean the land he discovered natural sinkholes known as cenotes and beautiful underground rivers. He then decided to create a park where everybody could access the natural wonders of the region. Along with Oscar, Marcos and Carlos Constandse, Miguel Quintana Pali brought to life Xcaret Park.

Xcaret was opened in December 1990 as an eco-archeological park where visitors from all over the world can enjoy the splendor of Mexico’s biodiversity and cultural heritage. Due to its great success the park has been preserved with an environmental management system. Today the use of sun tan lotions is controlled by offering visitors over 250 samples of eco-friendly sun block lotion every day. More than 108 gallons of water are daily reused for irrigation throughout the park and each month Xcaret produces 160 tons of compost which is used to fertilize green areas and the plant nursery.

Xcaret is also dedicated to promote marine turtle conservation of two species that arrives every year to Quintana Roo’s coastline to nest: loggerhead and green sea turtle. To know more about their migratory routes turtles travel through their life cycle, Xcaret uses an auto grafting technique in some hatchlings so they can be identified when they return to nest.

During the months of May and November Xcaret carries out two grand events to strengthen the cultural identity of Quintana Roo’s communities: The Sacred Mayan Journey and The Death and Life Traditions Festival. For consecutive years, Xcaret has been named a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

“Xcaret is a corner in Mexico that touches the soul of thousands of people. This inspires us to work day by day with passion, pride and responsibility. The strategic priorities of the park will continue to be based upon issues related to our country’s natural resources, people and culture. And it will go on this way.” Arq. Miguel Quintana Pali (Social, Cultural and Environmental Balance, 2008).

Xcaret Park

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